Ms. Celeste Volz Ford 2011

Celeste Volz Ford is the founder and CEO of Stellar Solutions Inc. Stellar Solutions is a professional engineering services firm with operations in California, Colorado and Washington, DC. From its inception in 1995, Stellar Solutions has become a recognized leader in the aerospace industry. Another of Ms. Ford’s enterprises, Stellar Solutions Aerospace Ltd., is based in London. Ms. Ford also established the Stellar Solutions Foundation to support community-based organizations and charities. She launched Stellar Ventures, a venture investment enterprise and incubator to foster early-stage technology development and market applications. Ms. Ford is a co-founder of the Humanitarian Research & Development section of Stellar Solutions, QuakeFinder, which is devoted to provide an early warning system to detect earthquakes.

Ms. Ford has received wide recognition, having served on congressional commissions in the aerospace industry as well as on panels focusing on entrepreneurship and women in business. Ms. Ford has served on several boards including Foundry Networks, Bay Microsystems and California Space Authority. Ms. Ford earned her BS from the University of Notre Dame and received her MS from Stanford University. Celeste and her husband Kevin have three children and are active in their local community.