Silicon Valley Engineering Council (SVEC)

Silicon Valley Engineering Council (SVEC) is the largest umbrella organization of engineering societies in Silicon Valley.




Promoting Bay Area Engineering and Technical Societies

Founded in 1989, the Silicon Valley Engineering Council is a non-profit educational 501 (c)(3) organization and is the premier alliance of Engineering Societies in the Bay Area of California. Its purpose is to promote its member engineering and technical organizations in Silicon Valley and provide outreach to education and the community.

Silicon Valley Engineering Council at a Glance

Hall of Fame Inductees
Engineering Society Members
STEM/Sponsorship Programs
Annual Technical Events

“SVEC Hall of Fame is really a tremendous honor in Silicon Valley. There are some wonderful people who have been inducted to the Hall of Fame and they’ve done really significant things for this community.”

Dr. Terry Shoup — Former Dean of Engineering, Santa Clara University

2023 Hall of Fame Inductee – Bill Dally, Nvidia


SVEC Members

The Silicon Valley Engineering Council (SVEC) represents engineering societies throughout the Silicon Valley and is dedicated to the coordination and communication among these societies to sponsor and promote activities of an educational and scientific nature. Our members include engineering and technical societies representing a variety of technical/engineering disciplines.

STEM/Scholarship Programs

Discover – E

Discover “E” (E for engineering) is a nationwide student outreach program to expose elementary, junior and senior high school students to engineering and cultivate their interest in math, science, and engineering. This outreach program takes place annually in Silicon Valley from the beginning of National Engineers Week until the end of March. The Discover “E” program was initiated in 1990. Thousands of engineers throughout the United States participate in the program every year. The Discover “E” outreach effort in the South Bay area has been coordinated by the Silicon Valley Engineering Council since 1992.

Keeper of the Flame

The SVEC Keeper of the Flame award recognizes and honors those heroes of middle and high school education who have distinguished themselves as Keepers of the Flame of knowledge by maintaining high standards of content in mathematics and science instruction in the face of significant challenges.

SVEC Engineering Award

The Silicon Valley Engineering Council Engineering Education awards recognize young engineering and technology students for their dedication, focus, and commitment to engineering.


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