To Join SVEC

Submit a letter from your engineering society supporting membership to the SVEC committee. Download the membership application, complete it and email it to SVEC Membership Committee at or print it and mail it to SVEC at: PO Box 610385, San Jose CA 95161.

Please mail a check made out to “SVEC” for the first year’s dues with your application.

Membership Dues

$200 for chapters of 200 or more local members.
$100 for chapters of less than 200 local members.

Requirements to Qualify for SVEC Membership

To qualify a local chapter or section of a society should have at least 50 members. The society should be a non-profit educational organization with a purpose to advance the technical capabilities and knowledge of its members. There are no individual memberships, only for societies/organizations. Board members and delegates are members of their respective member societies. Individuals can participate in council meetings and sponsored events. However, only board officers and delegates of member societies are allowed to vote on SVEC business.The SVEC also welcomes company sponsors to assist in programs.

Download the membership application here.