Nomination Application – 2025

Application Deadline – Monday, September 30, 2024

Each nomination application must meet the following standards and contain the following information:

Standards Checklist

  • Applications must be submitted using this form.
  • All sections with an asterisk must be completed.
  • Total number of pages must not exceed 10 for the required sections plus a maximum of one page each for the three requested reference letters, for a total limit of 13 pages.
  • The original and 10 copies of the nomination application must be submitted.
  • Journal and magazine articles, company brochures and similar materials are not to be submitted.
  • Silicon Valley Engineering Council letterhead is not to be used in the application or transmittal letter.
  • All applications must be dated and signed by nominator(s).

Requested Information Checklist

  1. Full name of the nominee
  2. Current position, employer, address, e-mail, and phone number of nominee.
  3. Degree(s), year(s) of graduation and Universities.
  4. A summary biography limited to 250 words, suitable for inclusion in the Engineers Week Awards Banquet program.
  5. Details of the nominee’s accomplishments, including:
    1. Noteworthy accomplishments
    2. Summary of professional experience
    3. Technical society membership and activities
    4. Community service and/or accomplishments
    5. Important contributions, publications, and patents
  6. Three letters of reference (individuals, corporations, universities, or professional societies)
  7. Name, professional affiliation, address, e-mail, and telephone number of nominator(s)

All nomination applications and attachments will be handled confidentially; names and details shall only be shared with the members of the HOF and Awards Committee. Winners will be inducted at the SVEC Engineering Week Banquet on February 20, 2024.