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Silicon Valley Engineering Council (SVEC)


Silicon Valley Engineering Council (SVEC) is the largest umbrella organization of engineering societies in Silicon Valley.

Founded in 1989, the Silicon Valley Engineering Council is a non-profit educational 501 (c)(3) organization. Its purpose is to serve its member engineering and technical organizations in Silicon Valley and provide outreach to education and the community.


“It’s essential to keep the flow of young people excited to go into professions that really build for the future and I wish Silicon Valley Engineering Council the best of success…”

Dr. Steven Chu — Former Secretary of Energy
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Goals and Objectives
  • Increase public understanding of the impact of engineering and science in enhancing the quality of life.
  • Sponsor and promote engineering educational activities, programs and outreach.
  • Promote community service by the engineering and technical societies and their members.
  • Coordinate activities and assist communications among local engineering organizations.
  • Coordinate Engineers Week activities in the Silicon Valley.
Programs and Services
  • Establish an information service for member organizations.
  • Promote regional pre-engineering educational outreach programs such as Discover “E”, MATHCOUNTS, StRUT, FutureCity and FIRST Robotics.
  • Sponsor the Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame to recognize contributions to the profession and past achievement.
  • Grant the SVEC Keeper of the Flame Award to acknowledge dedication and endeavors of K-12 math and science teachers.
  • Coordinate Engineers Week activities in the Silicon Valley.
  • Increase community exposure to engineering and technology.
  • Provide a channel of communications for information exchange between societies and the community.
  • Provide opportunities for participation in programs sponsored by the Silicon Valley Engineering Council.
  • Leverage the resources of the engineering societies to enhance existing educational and technical programs.
  • Provide training and networking for society officers.
  • Establish a relationship with other Silicon Valley technical organizations
  • Publicize programs and information for member organizations.
  • Maintain a website promoting member organization events.
  • Promote engineering programs.