Dr. Terry E. Shoup 2011

Terry E. Shoup started his career at Ohio State University, earning his B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Mechanical Engineering. In 1969 he went to Rutgers University as an assistant Professor. And in 1975, at the University of Houston he was teaching at high administrative levels. In 1980, he became Assistant Dean at Texas A&M. In 1983, Terry became Dean at Florida Atlantic University.

In 1989, Terry joined Santa Clara University as Dean and Professor of Mechanical Engineering. During his 13 years term, he more than doubled the number of Endowed Chairs and increased Endowed Scholarships from zero to 27. He established a Merit Scholarship raising the average SAT to more than 100 points.

At Santa Clara University he founded the Engineering Alumni and Industry Advisory Boards. In 1991, he inaugurated the Prestigious Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award. Terry has written more than 100 technical papers on Mechanical Design and Applied Mechanisms and is the co-author of “Design of Machine Elements” textbook. Terry has received 18 Awards, including the ASME Larson, ASEE Faculty and Czechoslovakia Academy of Science Awards.

In service to his profession, Terry is an ASME Fellow, a member of the American Society for Engineering Education and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. In 2006-2007 Terry was the 125th President of ASME International. Presently, he is Chair of the ASME Foundation.