Mr. Reynold B. Johnson 1992

Reynold B. Johnson is currently President of Education Engineering Associates. He is a pioneer in the development of magnetic disk technology and computerized educational systems. He led the development and production of the first random access magnetic disk storage unit and the multiple head actuator.

He is the founding manager of the IBM Research Laboratory and the IBM Advanced Systems Development Division, San Jose and Los Gatos California Laboratories. His effort helped establish San Jose and the Silicon Valley region as the center of the disk drive industry of the world. He holds more than 90 patents in the areas of educational technologies, code translations, communications technology, and magnetic storage systems.

Mr. Johnson is a member of the National Academy of Engineering and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and is an IBM Fellow. He has received the 1970 ASME Machine Design Award, the 1986 National Medal of Technology Award, the 1988 IEEE Computer Pioneer Award, and the 1989 Magnetics Society Award for Information Storage. Mr. Johnson received the Bachelor of Science degree in Science Education Administration from the University of Minnesota.