Mr. Anthony Turturici 1998

Former, Director of of Public Works, City of San Jose

Mr. Turturici is a third generation San Jose native. He received the B.S. Degree in Civil Engineering from Santa Clara University in 1951 and upon graduation took a job with the City of San Jose as Junior Civil Engineer in the Engineering Design Division of the Department of Public Works. In 1957 he was promoted to Principal Civil Engineer to lead that division and in 1965 Tony was promoted to Director of Public Works, a position he held for fifteen years. He retired from the city in 1981 after a brief stint as Assistant City Manager. Since then he has been a consultant to a number of land developers, contractors, and an engineering consulting firm.

During Turturici’s tenure as Director of Public Works, the City of San Jose grew from a population of 300,000 to 680,000 and in area from 86 to 158 square miles. All design and construction of the infrastructure for this growth was under the direction of the Director of Public Works. Under his authority were the City Architect, City Traffic Engineer, Superintendent of Streets, Water Pollution Control Manager, etc. Some major projects were the Center for Performing Arts and San Jose Airport construction, south terminal.

Mr. Turturici is a Life Member of the American Public Works Association (APWA) and in 1974 was named one of the Top Ten Public Works Men of the Year, U.S. and Canada. In 1979 he received the Distinguised Service Award from the California Council of Civil Engineers and Land Surveyors. He has served on many boards and commissions at the local, state and national level. Also he has been active in numerous civic and religious organizations and is a twenty-five year current member of the Santa Clara University Board of Fellows and twice a member of the Executive Board.