Dr. Jay D. Pinson 1998

Dean Emeritis, Engineering, San Jose State University

Jay D. Pinson, in September 1996, became the Founder and President of the Pinson Institute, whose mission is to provide contract services in education and training to the industry in areas of technology, business and management. Prior to this he was the Director of Education and Technology for Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI). He served fifteen years as Dean of Engineering at San Jose State University. Prior to coming to San Jose State in 1979, he was the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Research at the University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio.

At San Jose State, Dr. Pinson was instrumental in developing high quality engineering education, instruction and research programs to serve Silicon Valley. He directed a major renovation and expansion project that provided San Jose State with one of the finest engineering education facilities in the nation. For this effort, in 1988, he was awarded the California State University Endowment Award. During his tenure as Dean of Engineering, San Jose State became a leader in providing engineers to Silicon Valley.

As Director of Education and Technology at SEMI, he was responsible for developing and offering worldwide education and training programs in areas of microelectronics and semiconductors. In addition, he was instrumental in developing a nationally recognized transitional education program for assisting engineers and scientists in making the transition to the microelectronics and semiconductor industries.

In addition to his experience as an educator, he has many years of industrial experience. He has served on national, state, and local boards and committees related to technology, research, education, and training. He has served on many community boards of hospitals, Boy Scouts, Junior Achievement, Tech Museum, etc. A native of Ohio, Pinson received his bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Ohio University and PhD from Oklahoma State University.