Mr. William “Bill” Jennings 2018

If you use Windows on your PC, send traffic over the Internet, use a cell phone, navigate by GPS, or have your computer time set automatically, you benefit from innovations that William “Bill” Jennings helped invent, create, or led a team to bring these solutions to your world. Today 80% of Internet traffic depends on products that Bill conceived and led teams to build.

Bill has over thirty years of system development experience ranging from high volume consumer products, atomic clocks, and worldwide networking systems for major Enterprise and Service Providers. Bill was an advisor for many privately held, and two public companies leading to acquisitions and/or public offerings. He has led teams developing multi-billion dollar product lines from concept to volume installation.

At Cisco, Bill invented the first Network Processor that combined the processing capabilities of a microprocessor with the high speed communication required to process the data needed that makes the high speed internet a reality. With Bill’s ingenuity and innovation, we achieved the networking speeds we have today.

Bill has seventeen design patents relating to CPU, Memory, Sensor, Networking, Agriculture, and Bus Architectures. He is a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering honors graduate from Georgia Tech.

Today, at FarmX, Bill is bringing the same innovations to precision agriculture by developing patent pending solutions to collect soil and plant data in a very accurate and cost effective manner. This data is being used by machine learning algorithms that make commercial agriculture significantly more productive.