Dr. Sam David Haddad 2012

Dr. Sam Haddad founded HTCS Consulting Company in 1974, and continues to be the President and CEO of HTCS, having implemented numerous engineering projects, business solutions, evaluation and advising of over 40 start-up and early stage companies in Silicon Valley. Sam has over 40 years experience in research, new product introduction, vibration/acoustics and training for some Fortune 500 companies.

Sam started his career at Southampton University, earning a Bachelor of Science degree with honors in mechanical/aero engineering and a Ph.D. in vibration and acoustics.

After his first degree, he worked with Daura Oil refinery in Iraq to become a refinery engineering manager. In 1970, he returned to Southampton University as a research fellow and to complete his Ph.D. studies. In 1990, Sam was appointed a consulting professor of electrical engineering at Stanford University. During the span of his academic career, he advised over 60 Ph.D. and MS graduates.

Dr. Haddad has authored, co-authored, and edited six books, four book chapters and over 140 journal and conference papers on noise control, predictive maintenance, acoustics, diagnostics, and vibration. In particular, his textbook “Vibration for Engineers” has been used world-wide since its publication by Prentice Hall in 1992 and he has pioneered research and demonstration of “low noise diesel engines” and machinery diagnostics for predictive maintenance. He was the first engineer to successfully simulate piston slap leading to optimum piston designs to reduce wear, engine noise and vibration.

In service to his profession, Sam is a Fellow of I. Mech. E., Institution of Diagnostic Engineers, Institute of Acoustics, and distinguished past chairman of ASME and SAE chapters. Dr. Haddad was President of Silicon Valley Engineering Council from 1996-1998.