Dr. Richard Stuart 2017

Dr. Stuart is a graduate of the University of Connecticut and Stanford University with his PhD in Engineering Mechanics. Dr. Stuart’s PhD dissertation was “Vibration of Edge-Reinforced Plates” and he focused much of his early career solving vibration problems and improving seismic safety. He served as a military officer in the US Army Corps of Engineers and was decorated in both Germany and Vietnam. Later, at the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) he managed the structural, seismic, and mechanical engineering, and materials safety for US nuclear operating reactors. Dr. Stuart was part of a team that implemented the first Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) on a commercial nuclear power plant.

Dr. Stuart has spent the balance of his career applying quantitative risk assessment computer tools and techniques within “high-consequence” industries such as: commercial nuclear power, the US Department of Energy (DOE), the US Department of Defense – Defense Threat Reduction Agency, NASA human space flight, NASA satellites and boosters, environmental cleanup of mixed-wastes (radiological and toxicological wastes), and, vulnerability assessments of terrorists risks. Dr. Stuart formed ARES Corporation in 1992 to implement Applied Research & Engineering Sciences on engineering and design, risk management, project management and security assessments in “high-consequence” industries. Today, ARES has more than 800 employees with operations throughout the US and overseas. ARES’ software products are widely used to reduce the risks of terrorist attacks on critical infrastructure and to manage the design and construction of large capital projects.