Dr. Freidoon Barez 2020

Dr. Barez is a leader, aggressive participant to technology, an innovator, an entrepreneur, a high-tech company founder, a distinguished educator, and a mentor to young aspiring engineers. Following earning a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California in Berkeley at the age of 25, he started his career in Silicon Valley.

Advancement in storage device technology has enabled ever more functional and affordable storage devices, with dramatic impact on virtually every aspect of life in modern society. The key to continual improvements in storage device density has been the invention and development of advanced technologies in high density rotating disk file storage systems. Dr. Barez, designed, developed and manufactured a variety of products for data storage disk drive industry, in particular, design of the unique servo clock heads to increase disk file storage. Virtually all documents and photos stored in the ‘clouds’ utilizes technologies developed by Dr. Barez.

Dr. Barez is the current Chair of Aviation and Technology, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and past Chair of the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at San Jose State University. He is a magnet to attract and inspire engineering students to his programs, has a variety of research interests such as Electronics Packaging, Semiconductors, Smart Home and Energy Efficiency, Self-driving and Autonomous Vehicles. He introduced over 35 new courses in support of workforce development in Silicon Valley; developed educational and research laboratories, supervised graduate students, and published journal and conference papers, book chapters and manuscripts.

Dr. Barez is a member of several professional and honorary societies. A co-founder and past president of SVEC, co-founder and President of SIP, and Project Enable. President of ASME Santa Clara Valley, Life Member, Fellow and recipient of the ASME’s prestigious ‘Dedicated Service’ Award, Life Member of the Chinese Institute of Engineers (CIE), and a co-Trustee of the Epsilon Pi Tau Honorary Society.